Thursday, December 13, 2012

Almost Christmas!

Last night I worked on large covered boxes to hold a craft I am putting together for my granddaughters and niece.  This will be given to them on Christmas Day - when I finish this project, I plan to show it on this blog - so stay tuned!

Also, I had planned to use the following picture for my Christmas card this year.  Unfortunately, it is not going to happen (not this year anyway!)

Love this picture!  Last year, Mike's birthday was on Thanksgiving Day and he turned 60.  So, we left after lunch on Thanksgiving Day and I surprised him with a trip to Grove Park Inn.
Once Santa left his sleigh, I talked Mike into letting me take this picture.

Of course, Grove Park Inn was having its annual Gingerbread House competition.  Here is a picture of the winning entry.

The detail was unbelievable on this - The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe!  I could even see the little bunk beds inside the door on the second floor!  This was showcased within a glass window on a turn wheel - amazing!  Everywhere we went at Grove Park Inn I saw little Gingerbread displays.  There were probably as many guests staying at the Inn as some little towns in eastern, North Carolina.  Hopefully, we will get to return another year.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like. . .

Thanksgiving is over and so are our birthdays. . .  Mike, Garrett and I all have birthdays the week of Thanksgiving:

Here's a close-up picture of my flowers from my surprise birthday party!!

Bri playing in the leaves that did not get picked up BEFORE Thanksgiving!

 So, now it's on to Christmas!  Here are a few pictures to show my early decorating "attempts!"  Garrett thinks my tree looks funny, but Madison and Bri loved it.  They came over to help me decorate Sunday night.  I went back to some of my older ornaments and do not have the right topper for my tree yet.    

 Winter Wonderland Quilt I made a couple of years ago.  Below is a close up of the snowmen.

 Sweet little church!  I bought this ornament many years ago.
Madison did not like the nativity under the tree so she helped me rearrange the living room to put in on this chest.
 Cute snowman for our 1/2 bath!
 We might not actually get to see a snowman this year if we have a warm winter as predicted!
The view of my living room coming down my stairs.