Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow! Twice in one day!

My friends, Kathy and Betty, rode with me on Saturday to a class at Sharon's house in Raleigh.  Actually, we were taking two classes - to start a new project and work on round two of our Bunny Mat.

However, it started snowing in Raleigh around 11:30 and it did not take long to cover the ground.  So, we hurried and picked out the wool for both projects "lickety split!"  It was beautiful driving home in the snow, but by the time we got to our favorite hot dog spot in Clayton the snow had mixed with rain.

By the time we got to Greenville around 2:15, it had stopped snowing and the temperature had reached 43 degrees.  I fell asleep on the sofa about 3:45 but this is how everything looked 45 minutes later.

The back of my house

My son forgot to put his motorcycle in the garage!

The front

My street

It was nice seeing the snow cover the ground twice in one day!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

My two Chinese friends from ECU, invited us over today for authentic Chinese food that they made for us.  Also, they played a video that one of them had taped showing the celebration at ECU on Sunday to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Unlike us, here in the US, their celebration runs for many days.

They, also, told me that this is the Year of the Snake  - a very good year - since the snake is smart and powerful.  I thought 2012 was good, since it was the Year of the Dragon.  However, I was informed that though the Dragon is powerful the Snake is much smarter, therefore, he has more power.  I hope they are right and that we have an awesome 2013!


This is a picture of one of the young participants at the festivities on Sunday.  Sam told me that the long sleeves are very typical of "costumes" from Tibet.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Monday night, I helped my youngest granddaughter, "Bri", "BeeBers", "BriBri", "Li'l Bow-Wow" or simply  "Brianna" address Valentine Day Cards for her classmates.  The guys got Super Heroes and the girls got Disney Princesses - both got matching pencils.  How cute!  However, I still love the old ones!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Friday - Almost Valentine's Day

Sometimes it's hard to know what season I am in - last week we had ice and this week it is raining!  At least we are not going to get all that snow!  The best thing is that it is Friday!

Here are some pictures of my office to show all the seasons/weather we have going on:

My Poinsetta is still looking Christmasy.  See the cutout snow flakes on my window and the rain on the outside?

More snow flakes - and the ECU practice football field in the background and the stadium beyond that.

Valentine cutouts hanging from the door.

We even decorate the exit sign!

Wall of hearts!  We would cover the power box but "they" won't let us!

A snowman surrounds our peep hole.

Away from the office - this is a picture of our beagle puppy, Missy.  I took this a couple of weeks ago.

Mike playing with Missy at the farm in Washington.  People were running off the road trying to see what was going on!

She might be little, but she likes to be in the middle of everything!