Monday, January 6, 2014

Quilts for Christmas and the Polar Express

I purchased the top from Whistle Stop and finished it.  Bri wanted a quilt because the baby blankets she used aren't long enough!

Another top from Whistle Stop.  I added the borders and Laura Suich finished it with her long-arm.

Garrett's quilt - I used Civil War reproduction material in this block of the month I did with Lone Star Mercantile.

Santa quilt I embroidered for Heather and Anthony.

Snow Man quilt I embroidered for Melissa and Greg.  Sharon Stewart helped me with this.

Heather, Madison, Bri and Anthony on the Polar Express train.

Papa Mike enjoys singing along. . .

Santa giving the children their bells if they believe!

This little fellow telling Santa about the wolf he got for Christmas.  "No, not a stuffed one!"

Bri looking out the window for the North Pole.

Hot Chocolate!

At the end of the ride, our "Hot Chocolate" Girl got a proposal of marriage!  Can you tell she accepted?

An exciting adventure abroad the Polar Express!