Monday, July 22, 2013

8U and 12U Southeastern Regional Softball Champs

I can't say "We are the champions of the world" yet, but our 12U team will be headed for the World Series in Florida the first week of August.

Granddaughter, Madison, is part of the 12U Pitt County team and sister, Bri, is part of the 8U team for Pitt County.  8U does not go to the World Series, but Bri has been asked to be the bat girl for the 12U team.

Also, the 14U team from Washington, NC were the champions for their age group in Virginia this past weekend.  We are very proud of our winning teams here in eastern North Carolina.  Way to go girls!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Eastern NC State Softball Tournament

This week starts the Eastern NC State Softball Tournament.  Both of my granddaughters made Allstars and will be participating!  This year it is in Beaufort County - which is right next to us.

We are, also, excited that it is only about five miles from our farm in Washington, so we have a place to "hang out" between games.

I still need to get a battery charger that actually works, but here is a picture from last year.

Madison with help from sister, Bri, holding Southeastern Regional Winner's Trophy
 Pitt County usually does well in the tournaments so I am hoping that both my girls and their teammates (12U and 8U) have a successful tournament.

We, also, have a niece, Amelia,  that lives in Bath that will be playing for the 12U team.  It should be a fun week!  Good luck - Madison, Bri and Amelia!!!