Monday, January 28, 2013

Forgiveness and Les Miserables

I am taking another class with Bridge Builders at church based on one of Rev. Adam Hamilton's series of sermons on forgiveness.  He, also, wrote a book on the subject.

Last night, I went to see the movie Les Miserables with a friend.  Les Mis is about a lot of things but it shows what can happen to a person that forgives and to someone who cannot forgive. 

It often happens to me.  When I am taking a class at church, I experience something (in this case the movie) that helps me understand the meaning of the class.

I recommend both - the book (Forgiveness) and the movie (Les Miserables.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fort Caswell Quilting Retreat

I could not have asked for a more lovely weekend!

Quilting - Check!
Hanging out with some ladies from the Greenville Quilters Guild - Check!
Staying at a lovely, historical fort - Check! - on the Atlantic Ocean - Double Check!
House that could have been in a movie - Check!
Someone else to do all the cooking - Check!

Lucky me - I just got back from Oak Island - location - Fort Caswell - which is owned by the Baptist Convention.  We quilted, knit, talked and ate all weekend!  Here are some of the pictures I took at the retreat:
Vickie and one quilt she was working on

A closer view of Vickie's quilt            

Another one of Vickie's works of art!
A close-up of Vickie's quilt
  More Ladies at Work!
Diane would knit some and sew some. . .   
           Miss ClaraMelva
       Carol left us Saturday night and went to Myrtle Beach for the shagging festivities!  She came back on Sunday, however.

Joy is a new quilter.  Also, she had a new sewing machine and a new iron - which was used a lot!




                    Miss Clara and her quilt  

Betty worked on several UFO's -  Beautiful!

The group of us (except for me) at Fishy Fishy

Our view

Our cottage

Tina works at Fort Caswell.  Here Melva & Janet fix her hair for church.  Ready to go. .                               


Melva reads instructions on knitting      

Janet uses the window to trace a pattern

Miss Clara also knits                              

One sock down - one to go!  Carol shows off her finished sock!

Oak Island Light House in the distance.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Blahs. . . and Washington on the Pamlico

You probably know how I feel -

I get up in the morning and it is dark.  On the way home it is dark!  Christmas is over and January seems looonnng.  So, last night when Mike asked me if I wanted to drive over to his company in Washington, NC I said "Yes!"  He wanted to hurry on back home but I didn't.  Of course, Washington seems to "roll up its sidewalks at dark" so there is not much to do - or, so - I thought!

Anyway, I said let's drive down Main and then Water Streets.  I love the waterfront in Washington - it is beautiful!  Especially the last few years - since they made the street wider and added the Estuarian.  When I was in my teens and lived across the river in Chocowinity, we loved to go to the waterfront!  About the same time, Washington started its Summer Festival.  Also, Mike and I prefer going to 4th of July festivities in Washington instead of Greenville.

However, I was surprised last night as we drove down Water Street and passed the waterfront.  Lots of big boats were docked there.  Also, a couple of gazebos had been added near the Estuarian.  I had known the plan to add condos where Moss Planing Mill had been located - but had not seen the results.  A new coffee shop has even been added near these buildings.

We had, also, heard that there was a great, new restaurant uptown.  It must be doing well - as the parking lot behind it was packed!  Plus, folks were walking around - it seemed there was a lot going on!

What a surprise - the waterfront that was onced banned to us naughty teenagers is now thriving. 

I was glad that I took the little drive with Mike last night to Washington. . .  A good remedy for the winter blahs!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pay It Forward!

I need a new battery for my camera - so no pictures today!  However, I saw this post and liked the idea!


Robin (over at Millstone) came up with this idea so here goes. The first five people who comment to this post will receive a gift sometime during warning, no advance notice..just when I get the urge to share with you. It may be a small token of friendship, a make-do, something special when you least expect it. There is one catch to this... You must PAY IT FORWARD...In other words, you must post this idea on your site and choose five people to send a gift to. It should be go your comment so I can surprise you this year!