Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I laid blocks over the finished Civil War quilt to see which blocks I still needed to do on the second one I am making.  Only the embroidery blocks remain and then I can put it together.  Since I still have material left, I think I will make a smaller one.

My second punch needle project.  Made some mistakes, but it is so easy, I won't mind making another one!

Finished Betsy Ross - this is a Sharon Stewart design.

My lst punch needle project.  I think Lisa at Lone Star Mercantile designed this one.  Turned it into a cute pin cushion.  I am getting a nice collection of pin cushions!

Really enjoyed doing the twelve months of Bertie.  Sabrina at Lone Star is working with us on this!

I have fallen in love with making sailboats!  This is my own design and will have at least nine blocks.  Washington, NC has provided me with the inspiration for the blocks.

Sharon Stewart inspired me to make this Christmas quilt.  Not her design, but she is providing the material for the nine blocks we are making.

Close up of one of the blocks

Just finished this Shaker Stool at few Saturdays ago.  The talented Sabrina taught this class.  Glad I took it, sore finger and all. . .

Another BOM - Farmer's Wife.  I have over 20 blocks done and plan to do 50.  Once again, Sabrina is helping us with this.

In February, Kathy Fisher and I went to a quilt show in Hampton, VA.  We took a needle felting class.  There are two pictures showing different views of this project.  I am not finished yet - thinking about adding a pond with cattails and a boat.