Friday, August 24, 2012

Go Pirates!!

My office moved to a new location in March.  My window looks out onto the ECU practice football field.   How cool is that?!

It is fun to watch the players as they get close to the end of the field where I can see them.  Since I am about eight feet away from the fence that separates us, I am very close.  (Of course there is some protective covering over the fence that makes it a little hard to see them very well!)

During the spring I was able to hear the announcer for the baseball games if they were played during my working hours.  I had been told that before the actual football games begun they would add crowd noise.

Exactly at 5:00 pm it began (I guess they are trying to respect us workers in the nearby offices.)  However, I feel that I am actually at a game!  Lots of noise, cheering and music!  When the music starts (like now!) it makes me want to get up and shout "Go Pirates!"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nature at Play

I have been part of a scrapbooking group at St. James UMC that has been "Scrapbooking My Spiritual Journey."  During the class, we had talked about God's creativity.

I love the fact that God loves variety in nature and that is why He gave us many different types of landscapes (that is what I like to think anyway!!!)  He, also, has a sense of humor and that is why He made things like porcupines, cactus, blow fish, etc.  I feel sure a scientist could come up with a variety of reasons for porcupines, cactus and the like, but to me it is all about God's handiwork.

Anyway, after the class, I said goodbye to the other ladies and walked to my car.  My car was parked at the far end of the lot near the grassy area.  It is a large area - where the Boy Scouts somethings camp, the youth play, and we setup for our Spring Fling in April.

We were in the twilight time of day and it was a little cooler than the past few weeks.  As I approached my car, I saw the most beautiful sight!  Dozens of dragonflies where surrounding my car and the area in front of it.

I tried to call to the other ladies to "come see!" these dragonflies at play.  However, they had already left.  So, I stood there a while and watched them swoop down and fly in circles.  I had never seen so many dragonflies together and thought how wonderful that they would put on a show just for me!

If I go again tonight, I wonder if they will come out to play again?


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Do I Dare?!

I thought about it.  And thought about it. . .

After some cajoling, I persuaded Garrett to let me take his picture in uniform.  I had taken a picture of him leaving out the front door his first day of kindergarten as well as his first day of high school.  Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to get a picture of him in his Fire/Rescue uniform the first day he wore it.

Since we live in the same house, it is nice to be able to track time with pictures.

However, I decided not to post the picture at this time.  When I find the other two pictures, I might revisit this decision.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

12U Pitt County Girls Softball World Series Winners!

I just heard that our 12U girls won the World Series Softball Tournament in Florida.  Mike said the news was that they beat the California girls twice to win the title!  My granddaughter, aka "Bow-Wow" is in 10U and they did not have a World Series.  Hopefully, that is something she can participate in one day.

Greenville has in the past been named "Sportstown USA" and Pitt County lived up to that reputation this week.  Our 16U girls are currently playing in the World Series in Wilson, NC.

Congratulations to the 12U team!  They will be flying in today as winners!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Christmas In July

Last month, Mike and I joined a summer Bible study our Bridge Builders group sponsored.  It is titled "Christmas In July."  However, it is based on the book The JourneyThe Journey is actually based on a series of Christmas sermons done by Adam Hamilton a few years ago.

It is the story of Mary and Joseph.  Adam Hamilton is a wonderful story teller.  We last studied Joseph.    It is amazing how little is written about Joseph.  However, from other research done by Hamilton and by going to the area, Rev. Hamilton was able to develop the history and character of Joseph a little more.

Journey w/LG

Every week we watch a film pertaining to the sermon on that week's subject.  Adam Hamilton, also, shows clips from his trip to the Holy Land.  The nice thing is that Rev. Hamilton's sermons can be found on-line.

I have enjoyed studying about Jesus' earthly family during the summer without all the craziness of the Christmas season.  Christmas in July has been a nice change of pace!!